How To Throw An Elegant Holiday Bash On The Fly

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Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, you've probably already started receiving invitations to seasonal festivities—and you may be tempted to throw a bash of your own now that you've got your own place. However, if you're like many young adults who are just beginning their journey with elegant entertaining in their own homes, you may be unsure of best practices for ensuring that your guests have a fun and memorable time without running yourself ragged performing pre-party preparations. 

Seasoned holiday hosts seem to pull festivities off seamlessly, but that's because they've learned over the course of the years to use simple planning templates that work for their individual needs and preferences. Following are just three of the many ways that you can provide your guests with a stellar experience that nonetheless leaves you relaxed enough to actually enjoy your own party. 

Start With a Wine and Cheese Course

A wine and cheese course bridges the gap between the arrival of guests and the start of the meal. This buys you time while you're still pulling everything together and helps smooth over awkwardness caused by having to push the start of the meal back to accommodate late arrivals. 

Have Spirits Delivered

Liquor and wine stores are notoriously crowded during the holiday season, and some of the more popular ones may be low on stock and even sold out of certain items. Instead of spending your valuable time standing in line at your local liquor store and paying visits to multiple stores trying to find products that have been sold out elsewhere, contact a company that offers spirits delivery instead. 

You can make better purchasing decisions while compiling a list in the quiet and privacy of your own home than when you're feeling rushed and harassed in overly crowded stores. 

Ask a Trusted Friend or Two to Co-Host 

Asking one or two trusted friends or family members to act as co-hosts ensures that the needs of your guests are met without you having to run in circles. Host duties range from putting coats and wraps in a designated area to making sure wallflowers aren't left completely out of the loop to offering rides home to any guests who may have consumed a bit too much holiday cheer. 

After you've weathered your first holiday bash in your new home, you'll start developing your own personalized planning template that will serve you well for many years to come. 

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