Three Tips For Going On A Wine Tasting Tour

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Going on a wine tasting trip can be an excellent way to spend an afternoon. In addition to getting to try a range of high-quality wines, you will also be able to learn a lot about the way that the wine is produced. Considering that going on one of these trips can be a sizable investment of time and money, you will want to be sure that you are taking the necessary steps for maximizing the experience that you have on this trip.

Use A Palate Cleanser

After each type of wine that you try, you should use a palate cleanser. Failing to rinse out the palate after trying a wine can interfere with your ability to taste the next type of wine. When you are using the palate cleanser, you should make sure that you swirl it in your mouth for a second or two so that you can remove as much of the leftover wine as possible.

Eat Something Prior To Starting The Trip

Prior to arriving for wine tastings, you should make sure that you eat a small meal. While you will typically be encouraged to spit out the wine that you taste, it is likely that you will end up swallowing some of it. Given the higher alcohol content of wine, it can be easier for individuals to accidentally become intoxicated from this. By making sure to eat prior to the start of the tour, you will be able to minimize this effect so that you can stay focused on enjoying the experience of trying various wines without having to worry about becoming overly intoxicated. Prior to deciding on what to eat, you should check with the winery as many will have small cafes or restaurants where you can eat a small meal before your tour.

Have A Designated Driver

Driving after drinking alcoholic beverages can be one of the worst mistakes that a person can make. In addition to putting themselves at risk, individuals that make this mistake will also endanger those around them. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you have a designated driver for the event. If you feel bad about someone being left out of the wine tasting, there are many wineries that can offer those attending these tours access to a shuttle service. These services can be well worth the small fee that will be required as it will ensure that everyone in your group will be able to taste the wine without having to worry about driving.

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